Pallet Jack

A pallet jack or a pallet truck

A pallet jack is a device used to lift and move load or pallet from on point to another. It is functionally designed to make work easier and save time by easily and quickly lifting load and moving them form one point to another. It also reduces the manual labor required thus reducing more expenses. A pallet jack is also referred to as pallet pump, pallet truck, jigger or pump truck.

Types of pallet jack

There are two major types of pallet jack, manual and powered pallet jack.

Pallet TruckManuel pallet jack: A manual pallet jack requires human effort for it to lift and move load from one point to another. A person adds force on the handle of the pallet jack for the load to be lifted. To lower the wheels it is pumped up and down. This lift the load and it can now move the load to the required destination.

Powered pallet jack: Unlike manual pallet jack, powered pallet jack requires no human effort. Also referred to as motorized pallet jacks, they require mechanical force to lift and move the load from one point to another. They are commonly either electrically powered or powered by some form of energy from diesel or gasoline. Some powered pallets jack contain switch that is used by Pallet jack drivers to slow or stop the pallet jack.

Where to use pallet jacks

All manual pallet jacks are commonly used on hard surfaces like wood, concrete, asphalt. Most of motorized pallet jacks have off roads tire and a wider base that make them suitable for off-road activities. It is worth noting that one should not use pallet jack that is not equipped with off road tires in an off load circumstances. This for the safety of both the operator and the load on the pallet jack.

How to use a pallet Jack?

Manual Pallet jacks: when using a manual pallet jack keenly align the forks with the load and ensure that the pallet jack is in the lowest position. To do this squeezes the handle. After doing this, insert the forks into the holes in the pallet unit the jack is all inside. Then move the handle to the direction shown by the manufacture to lift the jack. At this position pump the handle unit the lad is fully lifted. Now move the handle to a neutral position.

Motorized Pallet jacks: Different motorized pallet jacks differ in operation. Anyone using these motorized pallet jack must fully understand how to operate the pallet jacks. For safety precautions one should be properly trained on how to operate motorized pallet jack.

Pallet jack safety

Pallet jack can cause severe injury to both the employers and bystanders if not carefully operated. It can also lead to great lose due to damage of goods or load. There are a number of safety precautions and that one should keep in mind while operating a pallet jack.

  • Under no circumstances should not place your feet under a machine.
  • Do not exceed the maximum capacity advised.
  • Always use proper lifting measures when loading or off-loading the pallet jack.
  • Never pull the load, always push the load.
  • In case you are going down an incline go in reverse.
  • Mark your route well to avoid pinch points that may cause injuries.

Pallet Jack Rental and repair services.

Repair services

Repair services

One of the easiest parts of a pallet jack to inspect and repair is wheels and axles. There are two set of wheels in a pallet jack, load wheels and steer wheels. Load wheels are beneath the fork while steer wheels are under the pump handle. Any kind opt wear and tear such as size reduction or a flat spot on the wheels call for attention to replace the wheels. The axles to these wheels are held in with a snap ring; a pallet jack can break when the air inside the hydraulic system gets inside and causes a bad o ring. This can result to the pallet jack not lift properly. However, this can be rectified by fixing it with a new ring. Another crucial part to check is the hydraulic unit. This is normally tested by placing the jack under the load and pumping the handle to lift it. In case the jack fails to lift, check the linkage to the hydraulic unit. If it lifts, let it remain in the position for 20 mints. The load should not drop within that time and if it does, you may have a leaky hydraulic unit. Inspect the fluid level and refill it by lowering the jack and pouring in hydraulic oil through the filler plug. Make sure you do not overfill otherwise you may cause damage to the pump.

It is also worth inspection the parts that connect the hydraulic unit to the wheels. These parts are push rods and lifting links. Check for bends, cracks and out-of-round holes and repair if any. It is always good to keep inspecting your pallet jack as this will reduce further damages that may result to higher charges. Regular inspection also increases the lifetime of the pallet jack thus it can give you prolonged services.

Rental Service

While renting a pallet jack always ensure it is in good shape and that it will serve the purpose. Also ensure that you get prior knowledge on how to operate this pallet jack. Quality is also factor to consider.

Whether you decide to buy or rent a pallet jack always ensure that it is in good shape and that the operator has a prior knowledge on how to operate the pallet jack. Also ensure that the mentioned safety measures are keenly observed to avoid severe injuries and damage to pallets. For better pallet jack services, inspect your pallet jack regularly and without delay attend to any replacement it may require. It is advisable to request for a professional help in case you have no knowledge on how to repair the pallet jack.

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