Fishing Tips You Can Put To Use Today

Here are a few fishing tips that will surely help you catch more fish on your next fishing trip.

Fishing Tip # 1: You Gotta Hunt For The Fish

This may seem pretty obvious fishing tactic, but you need to know where fish are… and many people don’t. You can search for fish with your bare eyes… if you are fishing for bass, look for downed trees and stumps or logs in the water. If you are fishing for northern pike, look for weed beds. Panfish in many lakes in Wisconsin seem to be almost anywhere you drop a line, which makes “hunting” for them fairly easy, but try to spot a downed tree, stumps, or even shallow bays. For walleyes, you’re going to want to look for drop-offs or other abnormal looking structures on the bottom of the lake or river. Now, unless you are on a super crystal clear body of water, it’s going to be quite difficult find structures under water with your bare eyes… and that, my friend, means that if you really want to find the fish, you’ve gotta make an investment in a good fish finder.

Fishing Tip # 2: Rain? Or Shine?

You may not like rain, but the fish sure love it! You may not believe it (you should!), but you will usually catch more fish while it is raining. There are a few good logical reasons for this. First, when it rains, you know that worms come out and naturally many of those worms, along with other bugs get washed into the water. The fish know this and react by feeding. Second, oxygen levels rise from the rain hitting the water, which increases fish activity levels. Third, because of the clouds and all the ripples in the water, it is much more difficult for any fish to see you above the water… but there’s one thing that they can see, and that’s your bait! Keep in mind that no matter how crazy and rough it gets above water, the environment below the water hardly changes a bit. Of all my fishing tips, this is one you MUST try!

Fishing Tip # 3: Knot Tying

A very simple trick to tying knots is to wet the line before you tighten your knot either with water or your saliva. Adding this lubrication will help prevent any stress or damage to your line when you give it that final tighten. It will also make your knot much tighter. If you want to make sure your knot is really tight, add a drop of superglue after you’ve tightened it.

Fishing Tip # 4: Use Lighter Line

Many people think that if you are fishing for bigger fish, you’ve got to use heavy strong line. Not true. Use a lighter line. For instance, if you are bass fishing, you shouldn’t have to use line any heavier than 4 pound… just make sure you have your drag set right and you’ll never break your line… you’ll also catch more fish.

Fishing Tip # 5: Use Fish Attractant

Out of all my fishing tips, this is one of the most controversial. Some say it works and some say doesn’t. I am a big believer of this stuff! I used to think it was a waste, but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone fishing with my dad (who swears by this stuff) and he catches way more fish than I do fishing the same bait and lures. The only difference was that he was using fish attractant. What are good attractants to use? Well, they are all very similar… I’ve used this fish attractant and had some great results… so, just pick one and try it out… my guess is that you’ll be swearing by this stuff to once you use it.

Fishing Tip #6: The Evening Secret

Many fishermen have reported excellent results when fishing in the late evening, night, or early morning hours. Additionally, some use The Evening Secret for even better results. It is well known that most species of fish feed in the evening, so if you haven’t tried fishing during these magical hours, you are really missing out…

Fishing Tip #7: Hire a Guide or Book a Fishing Charter

If you are fishing for a particular species of fish or are fishing an area that you don’t know very well, consider hiring a fishing guide or booking a fishing charter. This could provide you with invaluable information, saving you a lot of wasted fishing time!

Fishing Tip #8: Many Fishing Lures are Made to Attract Fisherman

Be careful when buying fishing lures… many lures are made to attract the fisherman more than the fish. Big bright fancy coloring doesn’t necessarily attract the fish… just do your homework, especially when your paying close to or over 10 bucks a lure.

Hopefully, these fishing tips will help you out. Try them out next time you are fishing. Remember to check back often, as we will be adding more fishing tips as time goes on.

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