Any decent Milwaukee landscape contractor can do traditional landscapes. We encourage our Greater Milwaukee area clients to take a more natural approach. Our natural landscapes are designed with native plants and exotic species that will naturalize in our particular environment. This type of landscape requires very little maintenance compared to traditional plantings.

Our priority is to deliver maximum landscape beauty with minimum maintain. We do this using our plants that are capable of surviving on rainfall alone. Once established these plants can grow without any irrigation and look great with just a little help during dry spells. The savings in water alone will pay you back for your investment over time.


In choosing the First Impression of your home, several things will come to mind. Usually beginning with quality, style, elegance and character.

An entryway and windows of the finest solid woods and exquisite beveled glass panels is sure to reflect those qualities that truly say, “This is OUR home.”

Our doors and windows are truly designed for the hardest of climates. The quality of design and materials are SECOND TO NONE anywhere in the country. Because of this, we are certain that you will enjoy the warmth of a decision well made for many years to come.

While we represent some of the finest manufacturers of beautiful entryways, we also have the resources to create truly imaginative custom windows and stained glass panels for doors.

At All American Window, we speak fluent “Craftsman”. Whether your requirements are window replacement, an exterior or interior door; in true Craftsman style or influenced by a Mission flare, we are only limited by your imagination!

We have been challenged often to come up with a solution for that special application that just begs to push the creative envelope, and we just love a good challenge!

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