Milwaukee Museums

Which is your favorite Milwaukee Museum?

Looking for a Milwaukee Museum to visit? You may be surprised to find out how many we have in the area!

Of course there’s the Milwaukee Public Museum which I’m guessing everyone is familiar with. This is more of your traditional, run-of-the-mill museum. That is by no means meant to suggest that it’s boring, or not worth touring.

I would suggest that if you’re planning a trip to this museum, that you do so during one of the special exhibits. The exhibits that have been held over the last couple of years have been phenomenal!

You’re probably also familiar with the Milwaukee Museum of Art, or “The Calatrava”, as we like to call it, after the designer who created the ornate building that the museum is housed in.

This structure is quite impressive when viewed from Lake Michigan, particularly when the wing-like screen is raised in full display. This screen is actually raised and lowered twice daily. The Milwaukee Museum of Art has had some amazing feature exhibitions over the last couple of years, and it’s a wonderful museum to visit!

Just North of the Museum of Art, you’ll find the War Memorial Art Museum. This museum is a popular venue for large conferences and gatherings, such as weddings. The setting along the lake is beautiful and it is a wonderful memorial to all of our service members.

Milwaukee is also well-known for being home to the Harley Davidson, and of course there’s a wonderful Harley Davidson Museum that displays the amazing work this company has done.

Every year, Milwaukee hosts ”Harley Fest” and every 5 years, that festival takes over the city!

I don’t care what part of town you live in, or what you’re doing, EVERYONE knows when ”The Hogs” are in town!

I’m always proud of Milwaukee during Harley Fest. :)

Maybe you’ve got some little ones at home, or you’ve got nieces and nephews you want to impress (like I do!) – take a tour of the Betty Brinn Childrens Museum. This museum is designed for the exploring, hands-on nature of children – particularly younger children – and is a great place to take a child who likes to explore!

That describes my niece Sophie to a tee, and I’m planning a trip with her there in January. She’s almost 2 and needs a safe place to nourish the “creative explorer” within her.

Or, maybe you’re a Big Kid who likes a little hands-on, exploratory time yourself! Take a trip through Discovery World Milwaukee – the hands-on museum for older kids and “adults”.

The name had me fooled into believing that this was more of a children’s museum, however nothing could be farther from the truth! As the name implies, it is an interactive learning environment that is sure to keep you entertained and provide you with information to boot. Discovery World Milwaukee is for kids of all ages (yes, that means adults too) who, like me, aren’t interested in museums that encourage “quiet reflection on information”, and prefer instead to get in on the action.

Some other noteworthy Milwaukee Museums include the following:

Pabst Mansion – Built by the Pabst family in the late 1800’s, this museum is worth touring at least once.

Eisner Museum – You either love it or hate it according to their website, and I would have to agree with that!

Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum – Definitely one of the museums you want to tour in the springtime to view the Italian garden in full glory.

Charles Allis Art Museum – My brother and his wife had their wedding ceremony there!

Milwaukee Historical Society – Discover Milwaukee’s rich history.

St. Joan of Arc Chapel – The Joan of Arc Chapel is well-known to students of Marquette University where the small (and I do mean…TINY) little chapel is located. Visit the Chapel Website (opens new window) to learn more.