Milwaukee Festivals

Milwaukee Festivals are the big highlight of this city during the warm summer months. Some of our festivals, like Summerfest, draw visitors from all over the country!

There are so many festivals here, that there is almost literally a new one scheduled every week during the summer. AWESOME! :)

We’ll list some of the major Milwaukee Festivals on this page, keeping in mind that this doesn’t even cover many of the local church festivals and other smaller gatherings. These festivals are generally listed in the order in which they occur. If you want help keeping track of what’s coming up this summer, sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly alerts on summertime activities!

Ok, enough talk, let’s get to it!

Milwaukee Pridefest – While there are other small festivals throughout the month of May, this is the first major festival of the season, held in early June. Held on the Summerfest grounds, this is a 3-day event celebrating the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community. This is an awesome event, with increasing popularity every year, and some major big name performers!

Bead and Button Show – Held at the Midwest Airlines Center, this is a beading event like no other! Lots and lots of classes for beaders – beginning to advanced, and of course a huge sale on all the beads and other accessories you could ever dream to get your hands on.

Locust Street Festival – This was one of my favorite festivals last year because of the Drumming Circle! Great energy overall, and the festival is so eclectic and fun!

Folks having fun at one of the Milwaukee festivals – Locust Street Festival!

Milwaukee Air Show – This event changes a bit from year to year as to when it is held, and actually, it is called the Milwaukee Air AND WATER show…although I have to admit I never see the water part of the show because I park my chair in a less crowded location, like Veterans Park. I get my comfy chair, some good food, a couple of good drinks, and I’m set for the afternoon!

Lakefront Festival of the Arts – If you’re in the market for fine works of art, this is the place to be! Such amazing talent here, and because my uncle works as an artist (not always the most lucrative or stable financially) I’m big on supporting local artists!