Strikes for Strays bowling event aims to raise funds for exceptional needs dogs

Event Details

Milwaukee-area nonprofit dog rescue Canine Cupids is hosting a 9-pin tap bowling fundraiser, Strikes for Strays, at Root River Lanes, 7220 W. Rawson Ave., on Aug. 18.

All event proceeds will go to supporting Canine Cupids mission of protecting and improving the lives of abused, abandoned, and homeless dogs, and placing them in loving permanent homes. This is accomplished through a network of volunteers who provide foster care and support to the animals in Canine Cupids’ care.

“The cost of animal care varies a lot from one case to another,” said Canine Cupids President Jill Leigh. “While many of our costs are related to meeting a Cupid’s most basic needs, abused and abandoned animals come with many other challenges including medical care and behavioral needs.”

Part of the reason for the expense is Canine Cupids commitments to helping all dogs-often taking on the exceptional needs cases other rescue organizations are unable to accept. Two-year-old Hondo is one example

“Hondo came to us in January emaciated, unable to walk and covered with sores,” said Leigh. It turned out that her suffers from intervertebral disc disease. “After months in foster care he has reached a healthy weight and is getting around with an assistive device.”

Canine Cupids continues to support his physical and emotional needs until an appropriate home is found. “He will need a special home that can meet his needs,” said Leigh. “But we believe all dogs deserve a chance,”Strikes for Strays starts at 6:30 p.m. and is expected to conclude around 9 p.m. A 50/50 raffle, fun pet merchandise for purchase and other raffles will be available. Cost is $25, payable at the door, which includes three games of bowling and shoe rental. Bowlers are asked to register in advance to secure their spot by emailing [email protected], but no prepayment required.

For more information about Canine Cupids, visit

Canine Cupids is a registered 501(c)3 charity recognized by the federal government as a not-for-profit organization publicly funded by donations, fundraising events, and proceeds from merchandise purchases.

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