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The Menomonee Falls Indians Mountain Bike Team traveled a couple hours north to Mount Morris Wisconsin where they raced the challenging trails of Nordic Mountain. The team adjust well to changing weather and trail conditions between Saturday’s pre-ride and Sunday’s race.

Racing started with the middle school boys with a half hour rain delay. Eighth grader Aidan Kilbourn took 42nd place improving from last race. Senior Kenzie Schmidt secured 14th place and Senior Lindsay Bons secured 15th place in a tough JV girls race. Bons and Schmidt continue to battle each other and are looking to work together to overcome competitors from other teams. Junior Logan Hipps took 33rd place and senior Jack Strosahl secured 35th place in JV boys race. Hipps pushed hard in the race and was able to improve his placing by 5 places from his last race.

Sophomore Evan Bosch took the lead for the Falls Sophomore boys race securing 17th place. Bosch pulled ahead early in the race, leveraging his technical skills in the single track to gain separation with his competition and the other Falls riders. This proved beneficial for Bosch as he was able to improve his placing by 7 places from his last race. Jared Schwartz finished 27th place followed by Adley Smith in 31st place. Jazz Dubinsky had to pull out of the race because of mechanical problems with his bike. Freshman Vann Kempf finished in 40th place in the Freshman boys race.

In team standings for division 2, Falls took 9th place out of 43 teams.

Up next for the Indians, they will travel one hour west to Waterloo Wisconsin where they will be racing the Trek Trails (“The Farm”). The competition will take place Sunday, October 1.

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