Milwaukee is the worse city in the Wisconsin  


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05/10/2017 2:33 pm  

I have traveled a lot to different states. I now recognize that Milwaukee is the worse city in the State of Wisconsin. In my opinion the city run the city as a democracy a dictatorship. This contribute to the high crime rate. The city seems to do more against the citizens then it does to help the citizens. There are more restrictions, rules, the regulations and city ordinance that make it difficult to live in Milwaukee. Property taxes are very high. This does not include the water bill which is very costly. In excess to the property taxes + water bill they charge you a storm drain fee, nd then they charge you to fix their city streets and sidewalks in front of your property by adding it to the property taxes. Vehicle registration is very expensive. Tags and plates are very expensive.

The rules that they have for owning a business is very strict depends on the business that you would like to open. The fees to start a business is very expensive then the rules and regulations hinders the business and discourage a person from starting one. This is why Milwaukee Wisconsin is not a business-friendly city.

 This can be the main reasons why manufacturing and other corporations does not want to have a business in the city of Milwaukee. Because the rules and regulations make it hard and this is why there is hardly any good paying jobs or not enough jobs available. Without jobs people turn to a life of crime.

Hate, is another Factor. The people that are in power such as Politicians, Judges, Police parole agents, doctors etc...

 All play major roles in making people lives unhappy. Especially the politicians judges police parole agents and doctors and other people of power who are bias and Prejudice against people of color and of ethnic backgrounds. I will continue at a later date about my rants. I just wanted to let the citizens of Milwaukee know that the City of Milwaukee, is not doing them any good.We are not being protected by the city. The infrastructure of the roads are a mess. Yet they impose higher taxes on us and they're not doing their job as a city. Many city employees are rude to many people of it's customers. The Monopoly of the utilities is illegal and yet Milwaukee allows it. I have been to other cities and states where houses is twice the size of what you would pay for a house in Milwaukee and the taxes is half of what you pay in Milwaukee including the water bill and vehicle registrations. Do the research and Milwaukee should be the last place anyone would want to take up residence. I'll continue soon with more and enlightenment of the city of Milwaukee.

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05/10/2017 2:43 pm  

You obviously haven't lived in Dallas, Houston, or any other city. Nor have you given any concrete example with actual numbers. Property taxes are huge in Texas. I pay less here. And in Texas they make you take your car to be inspected before getting a plate. And you pay a lot. They make you pay tolls for the roads, and they are just as bad. Go bad mouth Milwaukee some where else.

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05/10/2017 2:47 pm  

This is hardly enlightenment. You've certainly identified some issues with which Milwaukee struggles, but these issues are common knowledge. People.arents staying in Milwaukee because we're ignorant. We stay because we see the best of Milwaukee alongside these issues....we see the potential and hope for this city. You don't need to educate us on Milwaukee. We are not ignorant. You need to make a personal decision to stand with us and fight for this city....or to leave it.