Milwaukee Attractions

Start having fun in Milwaukee!

There are so many Milwaukee Attractions to visit, tour, enjoy, take part in, that I find it almost a daunting task knowing exactly where to start.

Maybe you’re thinking about touring a Milwaukee Museum and you’re not sure which one to visit, or even worse yet, you think there’s only 1 or 2 major museums in the city…oh the horror!!

The Milwaukee Museum of Art, one of the many Milwaukee attractions!

You might be surprised to see all of the many museums Milwaukee has to offer.

Or maybe it’s a beautiful summer day, and you’d like to soak up some sun. Stop by Bradford Beach and enjoy the luscious days of summer in Milwaukee. Bradford Beach is quite a popular hang-out in the summer, and is home to some mega volleyball tournaments each year. This is also the location of the well-known Polar Bear Dip which takes place each New Year’s Day. You’d be surprised to see how big this event is! Quite a mix between brave souls diving into the icy waters of Lake Michigan in the dead of winter, and the rest of us would be “gaukers” hoping to get a glimpse of the crazy folks willing to take the plunge! (Did I just call you Polar Bears crazy?? Oh no I didn’t!)

While you’re at Bradford Beach, swing on over to McKinley Marina for a walk out on the peer, a little fishing, or a boat tour with one of the marina’s tenants. McKinley Marina is located right next to Veterans Park along Lincoln Memorial Drive (South of Bradford Beach).

Bradford Beach in the height of summer…one of the more relaxing Milwaukee attractions.

Maybe you’d really like to get out smack dab in the middle of Lake Michigan and see the city from a whole new angle…catch the Milwaukee Ferry! This is about a 2 ½ hour trip across the lake to the State of Michigan. You can even bring your car with you if you’d like, and it isn’t all that expensive!

Maybe you’re not much of a sun bather, or a “seaman” but you’d like to see what other Milwaukee attractions the Lakefront has to offer. The volume of activities that occur along this small stretch of road is truly staggering, not to mention the museums and restaurants that line Lincoln Memorial Parkway.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Milwaukee, or be visiting right around the 4th of July, you’ll be able to catch Summerfest Milwaukee, otherwise known as The ”Big Gig”! Out of all of the Milwaukee attractions, this is probably the most well-known, not only to Milwaukeeans, but definitely throughout Wisconsin and the Chicago area. Our city is famous for this giant summer music festival put on each year, and people come from far and wide to par-take in the fun!

If you haven’t been to the Milwaukee Zoo in a few years, you might be impressed with the changes and improvements that have been made. Of course some things stay the same, like the Petting Zoo! Who doesn’t want to pet the baby animals? I know I can’t resist! :)

If you’ve never been to the Mitchell Park Domes I would have to recommend that you make the trip – especially on a Monday morning if you can, county residents can access the Domes for free every Monday from 9am – noon with proof of county residence. A fun activity for the family, and definitely a way to lift your spirits during the long, cold Wisconsin winter.

And let me ask you a question, how long has it been since you’ve visited a Milwaukee Public Library? There are all SORTS of programs happening at the library these days, which I found to be really surprising! My niece attended a weekly reading/story-telling group at her local library when she was 2 years old. She looked forward to it every week, improved her socialization skills, and helped get her mom out of the house (a welcome event for a stay-at-home-mom!)

The Midwest Airlines Center – one of the Milwaukee attractions known for it’s conventions such as the Bead and Button Show.

Other noteworthy Milwaukee attractions include:

Midwest Airlines Center – Premier convention and business center, this place has all the high tech equipment and plenty of space to host some of the finest Milwaukee Conventions.

Bradley Center Milwaukee – The largest and most well-known sports and concert arena in the city!

US Cellular Arena – More sporting events, more concerts, more family activities!